Love thine horcrux (ladymango) wrote in forgood_comic,
Love thine horcrux

Comic 4

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bweeee thanks!!! XD
thats hysterical!!:)

i love how elphaba is in the first strip.
she's hoppin' mad!
Oh snap.
...If I was a scarecrow, I'd be mad too XP
I love how she doesn't even realize what she said XD
Baahahaha poor scarecrows. No respect!
hee! absolutely awesome.
♥! Thanks Phina!
why did it take me a second to get that?
And then.. BAM! hahahhahaha
*snicker* those are the best kind of "oh now I get it!"s

I'm totally laughing outloud at this one.

*is friending*
Huzzah!!! literal LOLs are most welcome! And so are new friends :D
*snort* Ohhhh to be Chistery in that scene. LOL. XD
*giggles* Chistery gets to see all the behind the scene stuff! We'll get to see more of him later XD
Hee!! That was cute.

I bet Fiero would like Elphaba to draw on his straw. *wink*
oh you're so dirty. Welcome to the gutter <3
Soooo I completely adore this comic. Definitely friending. Hahaha. So excellent.
Bweee new friends always welcome! Spread the word =D
You have an awesome sense of humour and an awesome drawing style
You = love